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You came afraid and in desperate need of answers.

You will leave confident and with a clear understanding of what lies ahead.

For most, just the thought of jail is a very scary thing. For those facing criminal prosecution, jail is a very real possibility.

Most often, actions that lead to criminal prosecution are the result of factors that lie outside our control. Underemployment, substance abuse, and mental health concerns are many times contributors to the decisions that ultimately leave one helpless, afraid, and at the mercy of the accusers. Sometimes prosecution results from trusting and relying on others for their guidance and direction. It is not until the authorities come knocking on the door do we realize that trust has been misplaced. Other times the moment one is living in quickly becomes uncontrollable. You don’t have to be alone in this fight.

The attorneys at Gianola, Barnum, Bechtel & Jecklin, L.C. understand these issues and will tirelessly advocate for your defense. Law enforcement officials are human, and therefore, make mistakes. You can depend on our experience and dedication to find those mistakes and turn the tables in your favor.

Whether the problem you are facing is DUI, or something much worse, contact Gianola, Barnum, Bechtel & Jecklin, L.C. to speak with an attorney who has a trial record of confronting law enforcement. Even if you aren’t the “typical” accused, our attorneys, staff, and tax professionals can help you assess your situation and effectively formulate a strategy to protect yours and your family’s future.

Gianola, Barnum, Bechtel & Jecklin, L.C. attorneys have forged a reputation for achieving results. If a simple resolution is not appealing, then we will tenaciously pursue your defense at trial to achieve the justice that you deserve. Reasonable doubt is only a phone call away. Call now for your confidential consultation.

Criminal Defense in State and Federal Courts:

Criminal Tax Matters

Forfeiture Proceedings

Regulatory Compliance

Cases Involving Violence

Unlawful Possession

Traffic and DUI

Post-Conviction Relief