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Your Local Oil and Gas Lawyers Protecting the Interests of Landowners

West Virginia is second only to Texas in the number of active oil and gas wells in the country. New drilling permits have more than tripled in recent years. The oil and gas lawyers at Gianola Barnum Bechtel & Jecklin, L.C. protect the rights of West Virginia landowners and know how important it is for you to understand the agreements proposed to you by oil and gas companies.

To protect your rights, our oil and gas attorneys in Morgantown meticulously review the contract for issues that affect you:

Are roads being proposed for the property? If so, where?

Where are pipes going to be laid?

What royalties will the landowner receive if oil or gas is found on the property?

Is there a timeframe proposed for digging or drilling?

Does the agreement provide for cleanup after the drilling?

What rights are being forfeited by the landowner?

Are there protections to the landowner in the event of property damage?

Our experienced attorneys negotiate favorable terms, especially on oil and gas royalties. We are prepared to fight for a fair settlement. Remember that your rights are protected by West Virginia state law and we work hard to ensure that any agreement you sign is in accordance with state laws and in your best interest.

What happens if an oil or gas company damages your property?

Usually, oil or gas companies may be willing to pay more than their initial offer for damages they caused. Our attorneys can help you by:

Investigating your case and claim

Informing you about the gas company’s offer

Exploring your rights and options

Taking legal action